Best Clone WordPress Themes of Your Favorite Websites

Some designs make websites popular and sometimes websites make their designs popular.

Whatever it is, it doesn’t matter now, the only thing you want is, a clone or a lookalike WordPress theme of your favorite website for your blog.

It’s not that easy to design and develop clone WordPress themes and most of the developers are not willing to give theme for free except some like Alexander Agnarson who designed Hueman Theme inspired from Listverse. However, these clone themes are cheap compared to other premium WordPress themes, they’re just under $40.

We’ll see 12 most popular cloned WordPress themes today and surprisingly 10 of them are from just 3 developers – 99 theme, MyThemeShop and WPForest.

Clone theme developed for the popular websites:

Buzz Feed

Who don’t love BuzzFeed’s design which has been the best entertainer and source or viral and sensational content for more than a decade. Buzzfeed’s important feature is the ability to grab visitor’s attention and the way visual juice is displayed on its homepage. BuzFed theme has the same design and layout of original BuzzFeed. Of course, it’s a clone and should be similar. So, if you want a kick-ass theme like BuzzFeed for your viral content blog, just go for this BuzzFeed clone theme.

Price: $29.99 


Tech Crunch

I still don’t understand how they they clone these websites but they try and succeed to imitate every feature. This clone WordPress theme of TechCrunch is an exact twin of original website and you can’t even doubt it’s awesomeness. Try comparing the original TechCrunch and this cloned WordPress theme MagCrunch hiding the logo, I bet you can’t differentiate what’s the cloned one. The only feature I think might be missing is the footer carousel but, that’s not gonna be a problem. Is it?

Price: $29.99




The same applies to Engadget, design layout and every feature has been perfectly cloned into Ngadget by 99theme. However, Engadget has gone full width and our cloned theme is still a boxed layout one. The theme is currently version 4 and you may expect an update to the latest just like the Mashable’s clone. Ngadget is 100 percent responsive and ad ready clone WordPress theme which is suitable for all kinds of screens.

Price: $29.99

Engadget WordPress Clone Theme



Mashable recently updated it’s layout to an attractive one, so does this replica or Mashable clone – MashMag. This is the most beautiful and perfect clone WordPress theme I’ve ever seen so far. Eliminate the Mashable’s velocity graph and mega menus, that’s how MashMag looks. Also, the developer claims that MashMag is “The most comprehensive Mashable clone available to buy online today.

Price: $29.99

Mashable Clone WordPress Theme


List Verse

For those who don’t know about listverse, search for any top 10 list in Google, you’ll find listverse in the first page of SERPs. Listverse had been the ultimate publisher of top lists of everything  from 2007. Alexander Agnarson of Alxmedia, released Hueman on 1st November, 2013 and as of today it was downloaded more than half a million times. Moreover, Hueman is a 5 star rated clone WordPress theme with a user friendly theme option panel which most of the free themes lack. For someone who is looking for a free WordPress theme for their News, Entertainment or Viral Content publishing blog, Hueman is the only best choice.

Hueman WordPress Theme



I know cNet as a kid when I used to search for free software, games and tech related doubts and tutorials in Google, cNet invited me every time. Unfortunately, I never got anything from it except confusion and irritation with its advertisements. But today’s cNet is different, it’s updated to a user friendly design and navigation with a timeline feature for the blog. Magnet clone WordPress theme of cNet has almost the same design except the timeline feature. But it completely suits your tech blog and can satisfy your readers.

Price: $29.99 



Viral Nova

Viral Nova’s theme is not a custom made one, it’s actually the modified version of MyThemeShop’s Socially Viral. ViralNova became viral with badass marketing and promotional tactics surged to a rank of 800 in less than 12 months. Socially Viral is actually a powerful, SEO optimized and fast loading WordPress theme designed by MTS. If you compare ViralNova to this theme, you’ll notice no big differences except the color scheme and text font. So,don’t look for ViralNova’s clone WordPress theme, just get Socially Viral for your viral blog.

Price: $45 

Socially Viral WordPress Theme



Though Gawker media has more than a dozen blogs and most of them share the same design, you never get bored reading theme everyday. That’s the beauty of simplicity and user friendly design. If you are looking for the clone WordPress theme of Gawker, WP Forest has it and the theme has built-in options panel, ads ready, speed optimized and completely responsive.

Price: $39

Gawker Clone WordPress Theme



The best guide for copy writers, bloggers and content marketers. Designed on the most popular Genesis framework, Copyblogger looks slick and awesome without any doubt. Also, Genesis is known for it’s speed and Search Engine optimization. But MyThemeShop designed a theme called Schema which shares not only the looks of CopyBlogger but also the performance and speed. Schema is the best and fastest loading theme of all the mythemeshop’s blogging themes. If you are in the Need for Speed? Then Buy Schema. Actually, Schema isn’t a 100 percent Copyblogger’s clone WordPress theme, it’s a lookalike.

Price: $45

Schema WordPress Theme



There are many lookalike websites inspired from YouTube but only a few clone WordPress themes. The best among theme and the one that’s almost similar is VideoPro. The theme looks simple and clean and I actually thought it was a freebie but it’s not. Video Pro is one of the best WordPress video themes and costs you $49.

Video Pro WordPress Theme



Things that matter. Pass ‘Em on. A simple formula that made upworthy one of the few fastest growing media. Upworthy isn’t a kinda reblogging viral website. You’ll find no nonsense there, only stories that really matter will be on upworthy. Upworthy is also one among the best designs I’ve ever seen. Now, there’s a clone WordPress theme for Upworthy with similar features and auto post loading. So, get it and make your blog a little worthy 🙂

Price: $39


UpWorthy clone WordPress Theme



Unique and one of the best designed design magazines. When it comes to Smashing magazine one has to talk about it’s rarely seen navigation menu style. It’s really hard to attain the style with normal themes but you’re lucky as there’s a clone WordPress theme of Smashing magazine available for just $39 on WP Forest. So, go grab it for your blog today.

Price: $39

Smashing magazine clone WordPress Theme


No, I didn’t want to stop here.

You may ask “where’s a clone for lifehacker?”

Lifehacker’s clone is kinda outdated and it’s not good to use it in today’s responsive world where Google penalizes even if your posts exhibit a little friction while scrolling.

The list will be updated soon with the latest clone WordPress themes and meanwhile let me know if I missed any of your favorite clones.

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