10 Best WordPress Quiz Plugins For Organizing Interactive Quizzes.

Who in this world doesn’t love Quizzes?

Write a great fu**ing title as good as Buzzfeed’s and share it with your followers on your social media and wait for the traffic to flood your website. Its that simple.

I think you know¬†this and so you are here to look for some good plugins to organize cool quizzes on your blog/website ūüôā

Right, I’m not going to disappoint you. But let me tell you that WordPress plugin directory has no such great quiz plugins to help you organize quizzes. Of course, there are a handful of plugins but they just help you create simple text based quizzes.

But people don’t like them, they’ll need visual entertainment. So, you gotta move out of WordPress atmosphere and look for other quiz making apps which can also be embedded on your websites.

Quiz Facts

I already found them¬†and made a list of these 10 best quiz plugins and you’ll definitely love them.¬†Hey, don’t worry even if you want just text based quiz plugins, I listed them too.

Note:¬†Bloggers started imitating Buzzfeed kinda quizzes to drive more engagement and that’s working. But not sure how long will it take to bore people.


Starting with the best. Qzzr is not a WordPress quiz plugin but a free online quiz tool where you can create cool and interactive picture quizzes. You can either embed it on your website or use Qzzr Short Code Plugin to simply use short codes. When you have the idea in mind it just takes a couple of minutes to create and share a quiz on your WordPress website. However Quizzr isn’t a free tool, pro plans enable more features and helps you generate more leads and export data for targeted traffic generation.

Qzzr Quiz Plugin


Easy Quiz Player

Just like Qzzr, Easy quiz player is a similar quiz with 5 different question types and a responsive design. You can create any kind of quiz in the builder and embed in on your WordPress blog with EasyQuizPlayer Plugin. However, this plugin has limited but better features with the free plan. To¬†collect emails, and access statistics and build custom forms, you’ll need to upgrade to either Basic or Pro plans.

Easy Quiz Player WordPress



Riddle is a multipurpose WordPress quiz plugin because it helps you create quizzes, opinion polls, surveys, lists and personality quizzes. And the best part is its FREE. Just sign up and start creating unlimited quizzes with its easy to use interface and pre-designed templates. You may also create your own quiz using, text, images, videos and even articles with a seconds. There are many advanced features like Custom lead generation, Download emails as CSV, MailChimp integration etc which are pro features you can buy for as low as $25 per month. Also, it is so easy to embed quizzes on your WordPress website with Riddle plugin. You can use your riddles on a page, post or just get the short code to make it look even simple.

Riddle Quiz



One of the most popular and free quiz plugins in WordPress directory. WP Pro has a very simple and light weight text based play interface or you can even add multimedia like images/code snippets to your quiz questions. Setting the time limit, giving hints to the players, multiple choice and text based responses are the best features of WP Pro Quiz Plugin.

WP Pro Quiz Plugin



Probably the best way to create buzz with your content and increase traffic to your websites is using Playbuzz. No one knew this 2 years ago, but in 2nd quarter of 2014, it broke the records and served 70 million unique visits half of which were Facebook referred. Playbuzz actually relies of use generated quizzes, polls and lists. so, you can even create own quizzes for free and embed them on your WordPress websites using the Playbuzz Plugin for FREE.

Playbuzz Quiz Plugin



Quiz Works

Quiz Works is quite a different platform with simple interface and access to advanced statistics [on pro version]. But with free you can create unlimited quizzes with a maximum of 15 questions per quiz. However, it’s good to go for¬†Smart plan¬†starting at as low as $20 per month. This tool has no WordPress plugin, so you got to embed it on your blog. Also, quiz works has special plans for students and teachers. Here’s a glimpse at what you can do with this quiz creator:

  • Text questions
  • Multiple choice questions
  • Image questions
  • Multiple right answers

Quiz Works Online Quiz Creator


WordPress Viral Quiz

As said above many quiz plugins are mocking buzzfeed style and this quiz plugin is one such beautiful viral plugin. WordPress viral quiz uses simple interface and you can create two types of quizzes –¬†Personality Quiz & Trivia Quiz. You can monitor the stats, force users to share quizzes on social media and can drive tons of visitors with this viral quiz plugin.

Price: $23

WordPress Viral Quiz Plugin


mTouch Quiz

Though not a highly advanced or fancy looking quiz plugin, mTouch is the best among free WordPress quiz plugins in terms of design. This plugin is touch optimized and quiz interface works seamlessly on mobile and tablet screens. Other options like hints, explanation to the correct answers are as usual. So, if you’re looking for simple yet attractive quiz plugin, this mTouch would be the best.

WordPress mTouch Quiz Plugin


WordPress BuzzFeed Style Plugin

Yep, the name itself is BuzzFeed Style Knowledge Test Plugin. People may say that you copied BuzzFeed style but heck, they’re anyway going to play the kickass and viral quizzes you’ll publish using this plugin. And the most amazing feature which BuzzFeed lacks is auto scroll after answering each question. Also, you can create profiles for each score which would look more cooler than a simple boring quiz.

Price: $19

WordPress BuzzFeed Style Quiz Plugin



Yeah, this quiz plugins justifies it’s name. Using the SlickQuiz jQuery plugin it can help you create dynamic and cool text based quizzes on your WordPress blogs. Probably, this plugin has the simplest backend interface of all the free quiz plugins in directory. Yes, I tested it and it’s really simple, but you may not like the plugin if you want to create pictured quizzes.

SlickQuiz Plugin


WordPress Quiz

Released in 2013, this WordPress quiz plugin looks kinda old in design but efficient in performance. You can create text based multiple choice questions, add multimedia to them and even export the quiz statistics. It’s not a competition to the BuzzFeed quiz plugins we discussed above because they are new and advanced. If you don’t like the idea of ‘BuzzFeed like’ you may go for this WordPress Quiz plugin.

WordPress Quiz Plugin


No, this is not the end.

There are many other free WordPress quiz plugins you can find in the plugin directory. But when it comes to the best and premium quiz plugins, these are definitely the best picks. Also, the premium ones listed above are not too high priced.

If you are individual blogger with no editorial or writers team, and serving below 500 page views per month, it’s good to go for one time paid BuzzFeed style Quiz plugins. Else, go for the enterprise plans, because the power of viral quizzes, it’s unbeatable.

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