MyThemeShop Review : What’s So Good About Their Themes?


How many WordPress Theme developers do you know or can you tell me how many developers are out there?

It’s difficult to answer, isn’t it?

But if I ask you who are the top 10 WordPress theme providers, you’d definitely give me the list because you (and I) remember only the best. So far I came across 99 premium and free WordPress theme developers and I knew that I missed many. If you ask me for the the best, I’ll put MyThemeShop in the top 5.

But I can’t simply say that it’s one of the best. So, I’ll prove it for you and now let me dig deep and review MTS to prove why it’s actually one of the top 5 WordPress developers.

What’s so special about them?

  • Tell me who in this world sells you 77+ Premium WordPress themes for just $87? Okay, you might come up with a few names but wait.
  • Who has 15 ultra fast and SEO friendly themes in their portfolio?
  • And who promises you at least one new theme for FREE every month when you buy a membership plan?

Seriously, I am not hiking up anything for the review, it’s the truth. Within 4 years My Theme Shop satisfied 233679 people like me. Isn’t that enough to call someone the best or trust?

Well, if you need more…

It’s about design, speed and saving time.

When you are ready to spend on a premium theme, you’ll definitely look for the best because you don’t want your website look like a regular unresponsive, lazy and complicated mess. You should deliver the best to your audience – better user experience, better speed and most of all the best service or content.

When it comes to design and user experience, there’s nothing to question except that half of their themes released in the very beginning look quite like oldies.

Website Load Time

When web pages take ages to load, your visitors go for Close the Window and your analytics dashboard welcomes you with 85% (or more) bounce rate.

Check their demos on pingdom, you’ll see how fast they serve. I even tested some blogs like Viralnova which uses their popular SociallyViral theme and the results are better than expected. However, the load time depends also on the weight of images you use in your website.

It’s about saving your dollars.

You’ll look for the best WordPress themes and reviews before buying a theme. For most of the WordPress lovers, the ultimate marketplace is themeforest there’s no doubt about it. It’s where people get to know more about the themes and original reviews from previous buyers.

Unfortunately, it’s a marketplace and you’ve to pay every time you need a new theme. Won’t that cost you much? It would. So, here’s the alternate and of course the next best option.

Right now, MyThemeShop’s portfolio is 92 WordPress Themes out of which 14 are free to download (I said free). Like I said above the unique advantage with mythemeshop is, you’ll get at least one theme every month when you buy a membership plan and that’s equal to saving $540 (minimum) a year, great deal isn’t it? If you spend a little i.e. $127, you can get access to all the plugins.

MyThemeShop Membership


If you still need a bargain, wait for the day a new theme is launched and you’ll get a chance to grab it for just $9. And now tell me where can you get a WordPress theme for just $9 other than MyThemeShop.

What about the Support?

Hell with the 72 hours wait time, I got my questions answered with in 24 hours. But I think you don’t need to go that far because MyThemeShop’s theme admin panel got a simple and user friendly interface and I didn’t face any trouble so far.

You can even learn from the video tutorials everything from installation to customization from their tutorial library. So, what do you say? Isn’t it worth going for MyThemeShop instead of paying every time you need a theme?


Grab all 92 WordPress Themes for Just $87 Today



Finally, I gave a 4 star for them and the reason is – most of their new themes share similar design confusing the buyers in making a choice. If you still have any concerns about the review, don’t hesitate, throw me a message and I’ll answer much faster than MyThemeShop or at least I’ll try.

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