Top 10 Premium WordPress Theme Providers

StudioPress – Genesis Framework

Known as the best among WordPress frameworks, Genesis and its themes are both HTML5 compatible and mobile responsive. Though I don’t have any personal experience with Genesis, I can say that it deserves the first place among Premium WordPress themes. But how could I say that? I have many friends with blogs who use Genesis, they load quickly and of course they’re beautiful.

One big advantage in using Genesis is you get the framework, a child theme sometimes, security and SEO foundation for you blog which you generally don’t get from other theme developers. If you are just a hobby blogger, you may choose the framework plus child theme package. But if you are seriously into blogging or anything online, the complete pro-plus package is the best because you get all the themes for just $399.95.


Themeforest isn’t actually a market place; it’s a dump yard of WordPress themes, templates and everything. But they are all amazing stuff designed by hundreds of freelance developers and are offered for reasonable prices. As of today, there are about 5010 themes in 30 different categories and I guess there no marketplace as big as Themeforest. You can get a WordPress theme for as low as $28 and the maximum price limit is $63. So, themeforest is considered as a budget marketplace where the average price of a WordPress theme is $48.


MyThemeShop holds a tagline “themes that rock” which is absolutely true. It has a portfolio of 82 themes in all categories and out of which 14 are free to use. Generally, most of the premium themes are designed particularly for a specific purpose i.e. for magazine, blog etc. Though themes of mythemeshop don’t look like multipurpose ones, they serve various purposes. $49 is what you have to spend to get a theme from mythemeshop but you can get access to all themes for just $87 by purchasing a membership plan. So, tell me why MTS don’t deserve a place in the list of top 10 WordPress theme providers.


Who is the best theme developer offering drag and drop builder? Yes, it is themify. Though there are 48 themes in their portfolio, I liked just 20 of them which appear to be more responsive and sleek. I’m being genuine because I am not a promoter of any developer. But those 20 themes can serve more than 20 categories to make any blog/website look amazing on WordPress. Any theme in their portfolio costs $49 but I think it’s better to go for a club membership where you’ll get complete access for as low as $79. Check their portfolio for the beauty of their themes.

Elegant Themes

Whenever I saw elegant themes’ themes, I felt “why would people buy such outdated themes?” But everything changes after their grand release of “Divi” which generated a profit flow within a few days. Though Divi is their turning point, they built thousands of loyal customers over the past 5 years. To be frank I just like 9 themes in their portfolio of 87 themes and they are : Divi, Vertex, Fable, Foxy, Nimble, Fusion, Lucid, Origin and Nexus. I hope elegant themes would come up with more themes as they are boosted by the success of Divi.

Mojo Themes

Though Mojo themes isn’t a dedicated marketplace for WordPress themes, it has more than 1000 themes which are beautiful, responsive and of course, compatible with latest version of WordPress. For some reason finding a theme is difficult in Mojo themes and I think their poor navigation is the main reason. No offense Mojos, I’m just saying that you have a very outdated and uncomfortable design. But your themes are really cool and are worth buying. I can’t make a quick in selecting a theme because of numerous options and every theme seems convincing. Mojo Themes like themeforest is a market place and almost every theme costs you $49.

DIY Themes – Thesis

Thesis like Genesis isn’t a theme, it’s a framework on which you’ll build your own theme or just use any default skin provided by DIY themes. Do you know that when you buy some WordPress themes they’ll last forever? Such themes are designed with love and dedication. Thesis is one among those very few themes. Simply, you buy Thesis, design it on your own with its boxes feature and easy to use editor. However, to get a completely different look, you’ll have to jump into code. Also, thesis the ultimate theme that is perfectly optimized for search engines and of course to fit any screen.


With a portfolio of 99 WordPress themes, Dessign is really a worthy mine to dig. Out of 99 themes, 94 are completely responsive and they just look like an encyclopedia of WordPress themes. The best thing is you’ll find a theme for whatever niche you want from personal blog to parallax. I’m impressed with their designs and the beauty of their style. I’m surely one day gonna be their customer. Believe it or not, every theme on dessign costs you just $1. However, you have you buy all the 99 themes to make it true. Okay, even if you don’t need all the stuff, you can get single theme for just $39.


If you are new to WordPress, you should definitely know about themefusion. They are the developers of the most popular WordPress multipurpose theme, Avada which was released in August 2012. Till date, Avada is sold 148, 217 times generating a revenue of more than $5 million. This is a record breaking theme and might be the only theme to cross 100k users. You might think themefusion must have released more themes with its success but they didn’t. Right from 2012 they are working on Avada by answering to customer queries and and updating it regularly. Avada is sold on themeforest.

Theme Junkie

Truly speaking, theme junkie has just a few responsive and beautiful themes. Most of their themes are magazine style and not responsive so, they are not mobile friendly. But I can suggest some themes like Scroller, Company and Rexus (a copy of Verge) which are responsive and look better than the rest. The only reason for considering Theme junkie is you’ll get all the 50 themes for just $25. Who else in this world does that? Of course, you can only use a few good themes, it’s still a better deal. Isn’t it?

This top 10 list is completely my personal opinion and is based on my observations and research over the past 3 years. Since, the trends may vary every month, stay connected to get the latest top 10. Moreover these 10 developers/providers aren’t the only best, there are hundreds of individual developers whose talent is yet to be know. Very soon I will be making a list of all the WordPress Theme developers, I promise.