What is Parallax Scrolling in WordPress?

Check the list of any 20 websites with beautiful design, you’ll definitely find at least one using parallax scrolling. Something strange about parallax is, people are still loving it and I think it’s because of its uniqueness. Let’s us know what exactly is parallax in science and in WordPress.

In simple science, parallax is the difference in apparent position of any object viewed from two different positions. For example, assume that you are sitting beside the driver in passenger seat of car which is moving at 80 mph. It’s no doubt the driver would see the speedometer needle at 80, but what about you? Will you see the same 80? No, you’ll notice the needle just behind 80. This is what we call the Parallax Effect.

Let’s move to design now, if you aren’t familiar with Parallax scrolling, it’s just tricking your brain to make you believe that 2D image you see has some depth. This is achieved by moving the the background layers slower with respect to the foreground ones. Still confused? Here’s a visual from @randomseedgames via reddit.

Parallax Scrolling

When those overlapped layers are being moved at different speeds it creates a parallax effect and we start to visualize 2 dimensional image as a 3 dimensional thing. The same effect is used by the designers while creating interactive websites and is mostly handled with JavaScript. Mostly, parallax effect is helpful in making interactive websites or sometimes in landing pages for a product launch etc. Let’s see some awesome and unique websites designed using parallax scrolling.


Truly, this is the best website using parallax I’ve ever seen so far. Also, it takes you behind the scenes of the movie and shows how some awesome effects are shot to bring such a masterpiece to life.

Life of Pi



Tedxgus is Ted’s promotional website to bring hidden ideas from around the world into light. This website beautifully shows animated parallax scrolling and I’m in love with it.

Tedx GUC



This cool project tells a story about Prospector who meets a robot who is a planet jumper and who travels throughout our solar system using parallax.


Okay, I hope you are satisfied with those designs and their beauty. Now let us talk about the parallax WordPress themes that we use for our blogs or websites. Don’t think that we’re gonna get themes similar to the above ones, they are custom made by some top designers. Ready made themes you buy from developers and marketplaces just belong to the category parallax but can’t deliver complete awesomeness. However, they can make your website unique, good looking and light.


Some argue that Parallax isn’t SEO friendly and of course they are right, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make them appear in SERPs. Most of the parallax themes are limited to a single page but it is cut into different sections and they use different URLs and meta data for every section. This can be achieved for one page parallax websites using jQuery. To see how individual layers sit on your webpages and how they react to scrolling, take a look at this visual on Pure CSS Parallax by Keith Calrk. Do not forget to debug it.

Also, this article from moz can give you complete detail about Parallax Scrolling Websites and SEO.

All browsers do not support parallax themes especially Internet Explorer is a complete enemy to parallax scrolling. Also, mobile screens cannot bear it, your websites becomes too heavy for them. So, it is better not to use parallax for mobile users and wherever useless. Moreover parallax can’t be used for every kind of niche for example, a blog can’t be given a parallax theme. Portfolio, agency, business and some related niche can be beautifully given a parallax effect to get the juice of a developer.

So, are you ready to see buy a cool parallax themes? Browse our collection of 35 best Parallax WordPress themes and let me know your favorite one.